Who Produced You?

from My Life in the Gush of Boasts by UnFun

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It's called "Who Produced You?" because it's a thing Killer Mike says in a Run the Jewels song and it's smart when he says it, but also because I'm making fun of myself because the production on this track in particular is really obnoxious.

This beat probably deserved better than I gave it. Probably better than I could. It feels like it could almost be mid-2000s Beans, you know? I'm not there.


after unbiased review of my personal qualities
I'm loosening up on nonsensical policies
but I like to remind folks that when they express
their allergies explosively it's weird to say god bless
but it's a cultural norm so we ignore what it means
and I'd prefer it if they'd dracula their face into their sleeves
the reductions in transmissions of diseases are huge
it's for the good of everyone but they don't like me tellin' 'em
which is why they call me elbow-sneezer scrooge
I was trained in crime by Luke Perry
in the petty theft world known as the crook fairy
but I made a decree to waste my degree
and now I'm shooting mumblecore with Albus Dumbledore -
we're making a film of Titus Andronicus
our shots and our actors are all tight-ish/androgynous
my fashion choices look this way
because I'm punk rock, not broke
at least that's what the girls think
or at least I hope
I do my laundry every 27 days 'cause I own
27 pairs of underwear without holes
my whole life is a self portrait
but so's yours
I'm so enthusiastic about washing my ears
that I've got twinner ear infections and I cry wax tears
when I cry, which, no lie, happens every time
I watch a movie where a family loves each other, aww
so I'm an ochre ogre drinking coca cola
when I croak and mold you'll be like yo I told ya'
that you shouldn't drink the high-fructose corn sy-rup
releasing noxious gases when you bur-up
and I feel like a hat on a cotton roof
I may not sleep well at night
but I eat well whenever I eat
which I do with enough frequency
to keep both my belly and my wallet fat
I'm not a squalid cat
but I'm a little bit feast or famine
and hell yeah I'm rolling big
put money in the bank but still keeping a fig-
ure in my pocket, at least two digits at all times
like a cowboy rocking the thumbs
I have fifty-eight dollars in my pocket
and twenty-three more in the bank
gonna spend it all on model rockets
and send my heart into space
a lady sits down across from me
and says you look smart, let's talk philosophy
and eat a six course meal; I'm thinkin' transcendental
we'd hardly cut rolls when up rolls my lincoln continental
too early in the evening to take me home
my driver steps out in a fake mink coat
I make my chauffeur wear faux furs because it's the proper
and civilized thing to do
I'll end my final album
repeating "I'll affect you slowly"
Richard Brautigan will be so proud and then
he'll say "follow in my footsteps, son"
so I'll go out and buy a gun
and drugs
and I'll move to San Francisco where
I'll sell all my belongings
and move in with a polar bear


from My Life in the Gush of Boasts, released March 1, 2016




Jim Hickcox Austin, Texas

Jim makes music under many different monikers, in many different ways, in many different places. Some of it is worthwhile. A lot of it is by himself. That part is what's on here.

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